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You have reached the website of Chugiak Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company Co., Inc. Here you will find information about our organization and the services we've provided since 1952 to the residents and businesses of Chugiak, Alaska. The Chugiak Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company Co., Inc. provides fire protection and EMS. Response to an area of approximately 50 square miles and a population around 14,000. You will also find safety and fire prevention information that you can use in your everyday life. 
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Put A Freeze On Winter Fires
The National Fire Protection Association has put together a nice website with some great tips on keeping your family safe this winter season. Please see the link below to learn how to take simple steps to keep your household Fire Wise all winter long.  

Click here to learn how to protect your family from fires this winter!
If you are frying a turkey this Thanksgiving please read these messages below:

• Turkey fryers can easily tip over, spilling hot cooking oil over a large area.
• An overfilled cooking pot will cause cooking oil to spill when the turkey is put in, and a partially frozen turkey will cause cooking oil to splatter when put in the pot.
• Even a small amount of cooking oil spilling on a hot burner can cause a large fire.
• Without thermostat controls, deep fryers can overheat oil to the point of starting a fire.
• The sides of the cooking pot, lid and pot handles can get dangerously hot.

Visit the USFA website for more information on cooking and turkey fryer safety. Also, view the latest Thanksgiving snapshot.

You can also share our social media cards to remind everyone to be a safe cook and a careful fryer.
Happy Thanksgiving
You may not know this, but Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires. The average number of home fires on Thanksgiving Day is normally double the average number of fires in homes all other days.

Help keep your family and friends safe by following these safety tips. This way everyone can have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.
• Stay in the kitchen when you are cooking - frying, broiling or boiling - at high temperatures.
• Make your cooking area safe. Move things that can burn away from the stove. Turn pot handles toward the back so they can’t be bumped.
• Watch what you’re cooking. Use a timer when roasting a turkey or baking.
• Be prepared. Keep a large pan lid or baking sheet handy in case you need to smother a pan fire.
• Stay awake and alert while you’re cooking. If you see smoke or the grease starts to boil in your pan, turn the burner off.
• Prevent burns. Wear short sleeves when you cook, or roll them up. Don’t lean over the burner. Use potholders and oven mitts to handle hot cookware.