Training and Probation


As a new member, you will be required to attend a department orientation class prior to responding. Upon completion of the orientation you will be required to complete a few online self-study segments in your free time. Prospective firefighters will have to pass a NFPA and OSHA compliant fit test before they will be able to respond as a firefighter.

If you are new to the CVFRD service area or unfamiliar to the road system, it is YOUR responsibility to become aware of the primary, secondary, and rural roads. Spare map books, if available, may be issued to help responders find the location of emergencies. However, the responsibility remains on you as a new member to become familiar with the response area in your free time!

Appropriate department identification and clothing must be worn on every response. Proper personal protective equipment shall be worn to every emergency medical response. All fires and vehicle accidents require full firefighting protective clothing be worn.

The CVFRD is a professional service and expects all members to act accordingly. The well-being of you, other members, and ultimately the community is our department’s goal. CVFRD is a drug-free organization, and has a zero tolerance drug use policy. All responding members will refrain from the use of alcoholic beverages within eight hours prior to and while on duty, failure to do so can be grounds for immediate dismissal. Smoking and chewing tobacco is prohibited within 50 feet of all department buildings, work areas, on the apparatus and during all stages of a fire or medical response.


All persons functioning as EMTs for the CVFRD must be certified by the State of Alaska and sponsored by the CVFRD medical director. If you are certified or licensed as an EMT from another state or territory, the department will try to provide assistance to obtain Alaska certification. It is ultimately your responsibility to follow up on this subject if you wish to respond as an EMT with CVFRD.